Hand disinfection devices - health comes first

Why is it worth using hand disinfection devices regularly? Several million harmful microorganisms on one square centimeter of the hand. 70 percent of infections and all kinds of digestive system diseases are caused by bacteria that are transmitted on hands. For this reason, hand disinfection devices may be an integral part of our everyday functioning not only for the next few months, but also after the current pandemic ends.

Where can we find disinfection devices?

We have become accustomed to seeing at least one disinfection device in front of many public places. In fact, places where a large number of unrelated people pass through can often become centers of many infectious diseases in the immediate vicinity. Therefore, in the interest of health and safety, we find disinfection devices in many public places. Due to the large number of products touched by strangers, grocery stores pose a great threat to our health. Hotels, catering and service establishments are also equipped with disinfection stations.

Hand disinfection devices - appropriate quality

Many years of cooperation have been appreciated by many companies to which we supply our products. Hand disinfection devices, especially over the past dozen or so months, have gained a lot of trust not only from business customers, but also from individual customers. From the very beginning of our cooperation, we have made every effort to ensure that the equipment can serve for many years. The first step is, of course, the sale of a hand disinfection device, but also professional support both in terms of assembly and everyday use. If the equipment is damaged, we offer both the possibility of replacing the device and repairing an unexpected failure.

A touchless hand disinfection device for your wallet

In addition to health issues, savings are extremely important in the operation of a business. A touchless hand disinfection device can provide this. Thanks to it, the company will save up to 5 times more on the daily hygiene of employees. The lack of constant maintenance requirements and a long-term warranty are also important. State-of-the-art technological solutions ensure three times higher effectiveness compared to traditional disinfectants.

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