Why is it worth investing in our devices?

Below we present the benefits of using Sterimedic devices.

Design focused on comfort of use

SteriStation devices have been designed for comfort and simple operation. Each of them can be mounted at any height, adapted to the needs of users. Using our products is fully intuitive and hygienic. The devices are operated completely touch-free - one movement is enough to cover both hands with the optimal dose of disinfectant liquid.

Quality and durability

We make sure that the equipment provided to our clients serves them for years. We offer not only the sale of the highest quality products, but also professional assistance in their installation and use.

Significant savings

Wybór urządzeń marki Sterimedic to gwarancja długofalowych oszczędności. Wprowadzenie systemów do dezynfekcji może oznaczać dla firmy nawet 5-krotnie mniejsze wydatki na codzienną higienę pracowników. Sprzęt nie wymaga konserwacji i sprawdza się bezusterkowo przez lata użytkowania. Urządzenia wyposażone w pilot umożliwiają ponadto bieżące odczytywanie ilości zużywanego płynu. Zastosowanie najnowocześniejszych rozwiązań zapewnia 3-ktornie wyższą efektywność niż tradycyjny płyn do dezynfekcji. 

Design focused on comfort of use


    Freedom of placement. The battery operating time is approximately 6 weeks. An optical indicator indicates the battery status


    Optional version with entry to an automatically controlled door opening system during disinfection

  • - SENSOR

    Placing your hands in the chamber triggers the automatic application of a programmed amount of the agent in the form of a mist

  • - DOSAGE

    Possibility to set the dosage volume from 0.5 ml to 5 ml in 0.5 ml steps


    Simultaneous, contactless disinfection of both hands. Excess fluid does not escape onto the floor or work surface


    The device is adapted to all types of disinfectants. Bottle capacity from 500 ml to 1500 ml


    Possibility to monitor the number of applications and read the volume of fluid used


    Even, complete coverage of the hand. Safe for the respiratory tract. No mist or aerosol is produced

    Quality and durability

    As an experienced company, operating on the market since 2003, we realize how important it is for our customers to be sure of choosing a proven brand. A wide range of satisfied customers who have trusted the Sterimedic brand over the last dozen or so years proves the quality of our devices. At every stage of cooperation - from production to servicing - we make sure that the equipment provided to our clients serves them faultlessly for many years.

    By choosing Sterimedic devices you save!

    • - You can buy the preparation at the best price (even below PLN 20/l)

    • - You can precisely, electronically set the amount of preparation released with one application

    • - Thanks to modern solutions and precise dosing in the form of an aerosol, 1 ml of liquid is as effective as 3 ml

    • - Our devices are covered by a 2-year warranty and are characterized by a long service life




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