For medical facilities

In hospitals and facilities where hygiene is key, the devices can be used in conjunction with a gate that opens only after the disinfectant is applied.

For the food industryj

In the case of contact with food, special safety measures are required, which is regulated by the Food and Nutrition Safety Act.

For hotels and restaurants

  • - eye-catching design

  • - reducing the risk of transmitting pathogenic microorganisms

  • - in the case of claims from hotel or restaurant guests, demonstrating the possession of a modern hand disinfection system speaks in favor of the owner.

Do you know that…

British tourists filed 10,000 claims for compensation for poisoning in Spanish hotels during the 2017 summer season. Total claims amounted to $115 million.

For everyone

Our offer is addressed to representatives of various industries. The universal nature of Sterimedic devices makes them perfect for medical facilities, food industry plants, hotels and restaurants. The choice of the model best suited to the needs depends on the individual preferences of future users.

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