Disinfection at a mass event

Disinfection - mass events and the risk of disease

The coronavirus pandemic is slowly ending in most places around the world. However, this does not mean that we should stop taking care of our health. We can do this in a very simple way, namely by maintaining hygiene. Disinfection will be a very good idea for this. Mass events inevitably create an opportunity for the movement of various germs - we meet people from completely new environments. There is no need to go back to the times with face masks and restrictions. All you need to do is take proper care of yourself, and disinfection will help. Mass events are one of the places where we should pay particular attention to this.

Disinfection at a mass event - care for the health of guests

There are many different events taking place in our country every day. These may be business conferences, matches in stadiums and halls, as well as concerts with thousands of sold-out tickets. Disinfection at a mass event is not intended to be a response to regulations and restrictions, but to extend a hand to all people visiting the event. Our disinfection devices will help with this. It's also not just about protection against the COVID-19 virus. Just provide one piece of information that should show why disinfection at a mass event may be very necessary. More than 70 percent of stomach problems come from mouth-to-hand contact. It's worth keeping this in mind.

Disinfection - mass events and their employees

It is said that it is ten times easier to retain a customer than to acquire a new one. The same applies to employees. By maintaining appropriate hygiene rules and using our disinfection devices, we are able to reduce sick leave and the deterioration of our staff to a minimum. For this reason, disinfection is very important. Mass events involve not only people buying tickets and artists and performers, but also a lot of people from behind the scenes. It is also worth remembering about their health and well-being.

Disinfection at a mass event - relatively low costs

Does disinfection at a mass event have to generate high costs? Of course not! All this thanks to the high quality of our devices. We design them in such a way that they can be used for many years. Apart from their periodic maintenance and inspection, the only cost you will incur will be the regular purchase of antibacterial gel. This is another reason why disinfection at a mass event is a good solution. Of course, we cannot forget that health is definitely the most important thing.

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