Disinfection in supermarkets

Disinfection of supermarkets - also for years to come

After more than two years, the coronavirus pandemic is slowly subsiding not only in Poland, but also around the world. However, we must remember that taking care of personal hygiene can bring us a lot of good even in quieter times. That is why disinfection of supermarkets is a topic worth remembering today. For what reason? Invariably, more and more people from completely different backgrounds, moving in completely different circles, pass through various public places. One touch of the same product, even in plastic packaging, can be dangerous to our health. For this reason, disinfection of supermarkets should continue to be a very important element of their operation.

Disinfection of supermarkets - why is it worth it?

First of all, disinfection of supermarkets is to ensure health. Let's think about the well-being of our customers first. However, from the employer's perspective, it is equally important to take proper care of your employees. By regularly using the devices we offer, you can reduce your staff hygiene expenses by up to five times! As you can see, taking care of your wallet may be an additional advantage. It is also worth remembering that disinfection of supermarkets is largely intended to protect against various viruses and bacteria that remain on our hands. If we are not convinced about protection against coronavirus, it is worth noting the main reason for stomach problems. 70% of them are caused by improper hand hygiene.

Disinfection for supermarkets - a cheap and practical solution

Paradoxically, however, caring for the health of employees and customers may not be as expensive as it may seem at first glance. Daily disinfection for supermarkets means placing one or two dispensers at the entrance and exit. Anyone can put their hand out for disinfection when passing. This solution is completely safe for our health, because our devices are non-contact - they work thanks to a photocell placed inside. Beyond the one-time expense for the device, the next steps are regular fluid replenishment and occasional maintenance. We make every effort to ensure that our devices remain functional not only for one or two seasons, but for many years. As you can see, disinfection for supermarkets does not have to be an expensive solution. It is worth using it, also due to its relatively low costs.

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