Disinfection in gastronomy

The best solutions for gastronomy.

In many respects, catering is one of the most demanding industries. Particularly sensitive to the issue of cleanliness and hygiene. Therefore, every restaurant and catering facility should use proven and effective disinfectants. The coronavirus pandemic has presented premises owners and customers with completely unknown challenges. Our task is to quickly and effectively provide you with the highest quality disinfectants and devices.

SteriMedic stands. Modern solutions with good style.

Today, no one is surprised by a disinfection stand that greets guests as soon as they enter the premises. Unfortunately, most of these types of devices disfigure the interior of the premises and discourage people from visiting. SteriMedic stands definitely stand out from the competition. At first glance you can see that we are dealing with a high-quality product. A solid base made of laser-cut steel, combined with excellent balance, ensures stability of the station, and pleasant graphics referring to the business profile do not negatively affect the interior design, and most importantly, the stands are fully mobile. You can easily move them anywhere.

SteriMedic non-contact disinfection devices, a reliable partner in your restaurant.

SteriMedic non-contact disinfection devices are a perfect complement to the stands. The interior of the camera is finished with always fashionable and durable aluminum, which is additionally decorated with a characteristic cut. Together with the outer casing made of tempered glass, the device is simply beautiful, modern and durable. Powered by a durable battery or mains electricity, with a perfectly working atomizer and drip tray, it constitutes an impassable barrier to all viruses, including, of course, COVID-19.

SteriMedic products. Polish quality and durability guarantee.

But it is not everything. Both in a perfectly functioning gastronomy and in our devices, you can add additional elements. An innovative solution that will be appreciated by restaurant owners is the function that unlocks the door only after disinfecting your hands. This means an even greater sense of security and certainty that everything is working as it should when it comes to protecting the health of yourself and, above all, other guests. It is worth emphasizing that the devices are manufactured in Poland and covered by a 24-month warranty. Our devices are like a kitchen - the best home kitchen we have known for years!


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