Disinfection on cruise ships

Ship disinfection - an unusual place that also requires attention

Properly carried out disinfection of ships is very important and plays an important role in maintaining hygiene and safety on board. No matter what kind of vessel we are talking about, whether it is a sailboat, a cruise ship, a yacht or a completely private boat. In each of these cases, you should remember about safety and choose proven solutions that significantly improve comfort. Our offer includes both touchless hand disinfection devices and appropriate liquids that help get rid of viruses and bacteria.

Disinfection on ships - the highest quality disinfection liquids

Disinfection on ships plays a very important role. That's why we encourage you to install disinfectant liquid dispensers, which make it much easier to maintain proper hygiene. Our products meet all guidelines, which makes them easy to use and very intuitive. The liquids available from us combine effective disinfection and appropriate skin protection. Additionally, they are fully compatible with our devices.

Ship disinfection - why is it worth choosing touchless devices?

Using touchless devices has many advantages. First of all, it is easy to use, fully intuitive and prevents the transfer of microorganisms present on your hands. This makes ship disinfection even easier! Just run your hand under the feeder and the liquid will be automatically applied. It is applied in the form of a delicate mist that is precisely spread on the hands. It is a pleasant and thorough system that allows for better disinfection. Additionally, disinfection devices can be installed anywhere and at any height, which means that their use can be tailored to individual people and their needs. This also deserves attention!

Disinfection on ships - several variants to choose from

Moreover, our offer includes several types of hand disinfection devices, which makes it easy to match the color and type to your needs. This makes disinfection on ships simple and elegant. This will solve the problem of those who previously believed that disinfectant liquid dispensers were an unsightly gadget. Currently, we offer several color variants for sale, which can be easily adjusted to suit your preferences and the colors on board.

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