Disinfection in nursing homes

Disinfection in nursing homes – a safe place with SteriMedic

The staff and authorities of nursing homes should, above all, make every effort to ensure the safety and health of the seniors living there. One of the most important elements is proper cleaning and disinfection of nursing homes. SteriMedic will provide you with the best and most modern hand disinfection devices on the market. We are a leader in the industry, and our products are characterized by quality, durability and attractive price. In addition to high-quality hand disinfection devices, we also offer special stands dedicated to them and disinfection liquids. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our assortment.

Why is it worth installing hand disinfection devices?

Senior homes are places where germs can spread more easily. Older people often have reduced immunity, which increases the risk of illness. Not only is regular cleaning necessary, but also proper disinfection. However, even frequent and seemingly thorough cleaning may not be sufficient and microorganisms will move freely. As in many fields, the weakest link is man. Many people have problems with washing their hands properly and frequently. Touch is one of the ways germs spread. A good solution is to install devices for contactless hand disinfection before entering common areas in nursing homes. Each resident will disinfect their hands and will be able to interact safely with others. Of course, devices alone are not enough. Appropriate education and instructions on how to use them are also needed. Our equipment is simple and intuitive, so everyone will quickly learn how to use it.

Disinfection devices – with SteriMedic minimize the negative effects of visits

Outsiders appearing in nursing homes increase the risk of dangerous viruses and bacteria. These may be family members, all types of suppliers or service companies. Contact of care home residents with outsiders can be limited, but it is better to prepare for it properly. This is where SteriMedic non-contact hand disinfection devices will come in handy. When installed near the entrances to the building, they will significantly increase hygienic safety.

Hand disinfection devices from SteriMedic

We offer you the best devices of this type available on the market. Purchasing from us is a guarantee of long and failure-free operation. They are functional and look nice in any interior. Our hand disinfection devices offer easy, touchless operation. In addition to equipment, we also offer professional service and assembly assistance. By choosing our device, you will ensure disinfection that is three times more effective than traditional methods and disinfection liquids. We invite you to check out our offer now!

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