Disinfection in public facilities

Disinfection of offices

As a rule, the need for disinfection arises in places where people spend a lot of time and do their work. Its aim is to prevent the spread of infectious and parasitic diseases that are transmitted through contact with pathological agents floating in the air or contaminated surfaces. To keep such places clean, you can use the services of a professional cleaning company or choose appropriate disinfection equipment. We recommend the latter solution. See what disinfection of offices with Sterimedic devices involves in practice.

Disinfection in offices

Disinfection in offices is a complex process that requires the use of several different measures: cleaning, washing and disinfection. Thanks to our touchless devices, you can do them all yourself. Just place the dispenser at the entrance to the office and visiting guests will be able to safely disinfect their hands.

Sterimedic devices also facilitate cleaning of items found in the office: telephones, keyboards, computer mice, desks and chairs. Just place your hand with paper or a cloth under the dispenser and it will be soaked with disinfectant - now all you need to do is clean the items.

Disinfection of offices - why is it worth considering?

Disinfecting offices may seem like a waste of time and money, but in fact it is an essential element of maintaining cleanliness. However, you should be aware that many different people come to the office every day - some come to work, others to meet colleagues, and still others just to use the toilet. Some employees have been known to eat lunch in the building, while others order from a nearby restaurant. Contamination can come from many sources and travel through many routes - lack of proper disinfection may expose employees and customers to diseases.

Disinfection in Sterimedic offices

We are an experienced company that has been providing the market with high-quality products for touchless disinfection for years. Our dispensers are operated intuitively and are characterized by economy and accuracy. We design them with the comfort of the people who will use them in mind - among other things, because they can be installed anywhere and at any height. Contact us now and learn more about what disinfection in offices can look like with the help of Sterimedic touchless dispensers.

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