Hand disinfection stations

In times of pandemic, disinfection is one of the pillars of our safety, which is why so much emphasis is placed on making disinfectants available in all possible places. Dispensers of this type of liquids have become a permanent part of our everyday life. Thanks to them, you can disinfect your hands without touching the surface of the dispenser, which could contain bacteria and viruses.

Many entrepreneurs choose hand disinfection stations. Professional, touch-free, large-capacity dispensers that ensure maximum safety and do not require frequent refilling. Such solutions are used in shops and offices, as well as service companies and other closed spaces.

Freestanding hand disinfection station

Is a free-standing hand disinfection station equipment you should invest in? Definitely yes, if your company has many customers! You can place such an automatic dispenser with a stand anywhere. It is best to place it close to the entrance so that visitors automatically use it. This type of device does not require much space, and most importantly, you do not have to interfere with permanent elements of the room, such as walls.

Touchless hand disinfection station mounted on the wall

If you work in a small room where placing the dispenser takes up space to move around, choose a wall-mounted disinfection station. This is a more invasive solution, but it saves space. This dispenser is also more discreet. You can choose a model in the shape of an elegant box. They come in various colors, so you can easily choose one that suits your interior.

When deciding to purchase, check whether the touchless hand disinfection station you choose applies the preparation in a stream or by spraying it. Both methods are effective, but the latter allows for more economical use of the preparations.

To ensure the safety and health of yourself and your visitors, invest in solutions that minimize the risk of infections and ensure comfort during visits to your premises.

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