Touchless church stoup

The coronavirus pandemic has caused fear of direct contact with holy water placed in a vessel, which is why many believers who come to receive the Eucharist or simply visit the church have completely given up using it. To meet the current situation, we have introduced touchless stoups to our online store's offer.

What is a touchless stoup?

The faithful who visit the church during the pandemic should feel safe and not be afraid of using holy water to wash away sins. After all, it is a holy sign by which, like sacraments, effects, especially spiritual ones, are marked and received through the intercession of the Church.

The touchless stoup (aspersorium) is an innovative device that hygienically dispenses holy water onto the hands of believers. Thanks to this solution, the possibility of transmitting bacteria and viruses was eliminated. Their use is a response to new sanitary and epidemiological requirements that have appeared in connection with COVID-19.

Touchless stoup – design and application

Each church stoup was made with great care and additionally enriched with a design that will fit into many church interiors. We have models that will perfectly match the classic design of the temple and those that will work well in a modern version of the church.

The touchless font is a device that does not require supervision, and the liquid dispensed is in the form of a mist that evenly covers the hands and does not leave any traces. The amount of liquid can be adjusted, making the use of this solution not only safe but also economical.

Touchless water fonts are made of high-quality materials, so we can count on many years of use, even with intensive use.

Touchless water fonts – what are their advantages?

The touchless stoup installed in the church means, above all, the safety and convenience of using holy water. The fonts in our offer can be used with any alcohol-based hand disinfection liquids. The devices are practical to use and have a unique design that encourages use and fits into the interior of the church. Aspersorium is an easy-to-install and economical device that dispenses the appropriate amount of holy water or disinfectant liquid.

Our online store offers a wide selection of touchless water fonts. If you do not know which device will be the best choice, please contact us and we will be happy to provide any advice.

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