Automatic and touchless soap dispensers

are not only practical devices, but also elements of design and modernity that enrich every place where they are used. Prime Series M devices combine beautiful appearance, reliability, comfort in using your own soap, economy and a long-lasting battery. These are devices that combine functionality and aesthetics, meeting the expectations of the most demanding users. They bring cleanliness, comfort and modernity to the space. Automatic and touchless soap dispensers with beautiful design, reliability and flexibility are an excellent investment in hygiene and aesthetics. These are more than just devices - they are an expression of concern for the health and well-being of our loved ones and customers. All these features make these feeders noteworthy and worthy of being in any place that cares about quality, style and hygiene. Automatic soap dispensers are very useful devices, especially in the context of hygiene and preventing the spread of infections.

Here are some benefits of using an automatic soap dispenser:

Beautiful design

These soap dispensers are masters of aesthetics. They attract attention with their minimalist, modern appearance, which suits both bathrooms with avant-garde design and traditional interiors.


Thanks to their solid construction and the highest quality materials, these feeders are reliable and long-lasting. Regardless of whether they are used at home, a restaurant, a hotel or a medical facility, they will prove useful for years to come.


Automatic dispensers minimize hand contact with the soap surface, which helps maintain better hygiene.

Your own soap

One of the greatest advantages of these devices is their flexibility. They allow you to use your own soap, which is economical and ecological. You can adjust the soap to your preferences and needs.


By precisely dispensing soap, these dispensers help minimize product consumption, which translates into savings and waste reduction.

Large battery

A long-lasting battery is extremely important, especially in high-traffic areas. These feeders offer energy efficiency that allows for long-term use without frequent battery replacement.


Users don't have to worry about pressing the pumps or adjusting the amount of soap. Automatic dispensers offer a convenient and quick solution.

Minimizing the risk of infections

During periods of epidemics or pandemics, automatic dispensers can help reduce the risk of spreading infection because they minimize contact with shared surfaces.

Water saving

Often, dispensers are equipped with sensors that only activate when your hands are under them. This can help reduce water consumption when washing your hands.

Saving soap

Dispensers can be programmed to deliver the exact amount of soap, allowing you to use the product more efficiently.

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