Hand disinfection equipment rental

We offer the possibility of temporarily renting devices for touchless disinfection - Sterimedic

You save time

1. We select the appropriate device - tailored to your needs.

2. We keep an eye on inspection and periodic maintenance dates.

3. We make sure to remove any failures quickly and efficiently.

4. Individual approach to the client and cooperation agreement.

You are not exposed to:

1. Loss of value of the device due to its aging

2. Unforeseen costs of replacing worn out components

What do you gain by renting with us?

1. You save money that you can, for example, invest in the development of your company

2. Ongoing control of the costs of disinfectants

3. Transparent rental price list

Subscription costs include:

1. Payment for device rental

2. Professional advice

3. Operation training and technical support

4. Costs of replacing consumables

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