ZUS subsidies for occupational health and safety

ZUS - health and safety subsidy for disinfection devices

As part of this year's call for applications for co-financing projects under the Program for co-financing activities aimed at improving occupational health and safety, it is possible to obtain subsidies for the implementation of touchless disinfection devices. This is a huge opportunity for your company. Occupational health and safety co-financing available through ZUS covers our modern devices, thanks to which you can significantly reduce the number of illnesses in the company. Moreover, thanks to our experience, submitting an application will be much easier. Find out what you can gain by choosing Sterimedic devices.

ZUS health and safety subsidies - an opportunity for your company

Occupational health and safety subsidies offered by ZUS may be a beneficial source of financing for hand disinfection devices. This, in turn, is an ideal opportunity to implement professional and reliable devices. Unlike cheap dispensers, Sterimedic devices have been designed for maximum ease of use and convenience. They allow for contactless hand disinfection, making them as hygienic as possible and do not indirectly contribute to the spread of microorganisms. They are also characterized by maximum durability and a modern design that fits perfectly into the surroundings of each facility.

ZUS BHP co-financing and Sterimedic devices

The lack of the need for periodic maintenance and the failure-free operation of our disinfection systems not only make it easier and more effective to maintain hygiene in the workplace. It also means significantly (up to 5 times) lower expenses. Our devices are used in many industries, from medical facilities, through food production, catering and hotel industry, to all types of offices. These are universal solutions that work well in a variety of sectors. We approach each client individually, adapting the device documentation accordingly, which makes submitting an application for ZUS BHP funding much easier.

Obtain ZUS BHP subsidies for a disinfection system

Sterimedic devices will allow you to ensure impeccable hygiene in the workplace, thus significantly reducing the risk of illness or product contamination. They will also provide great savings and protection in the event of claims from customers (in a hotel or restaurant). Thanks to a wide range of devices, you will choose a solution that perfectly fits your individual needs. The competition for applications for ZUS BHP subsidies will, in turn, be a good reason to implement a professional system. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer and details. For those not interested in purchasing, we also offer the option of renting.

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