SteriMedic are devices designed for hand disinfection. SteriMedic is a leader among Polish manufacturers of hand disinfection devices, and SteriMedic products are the best devices of this type on the market, as evidenced by their functionality, durability, design and quality.


Design focused on comfort of use SteriMedic devices have been designed with comfort and simple operation in mind. Each of them can be mounted at any height, adapted to the needs of users.

Using our products is fully intuitive and hygienic. The devices are operated completely touch-free - one movement is enough to cover both hands with the optimal dose of disinfectant liquid.


Quality and durability

We make sure that the equipment provided to our clients serves them for years. We offer not only the sale of the highest quality products, but also professional assistance in their installation and use.


Significant savings

Choosing SteriMedic devices is a guarantee of long-term savings. The introduction of disinfection systems can mean up to 5 times lower expenses for the company on the daily hygiene of employees.

The equipment does not require maintenance and works flawlessly for years of use. Devices equipped with a remote control also enable current reading of the amount of fluid consumed.

The use of state-of-the-art solutions ensures 3 times higher effectiveness than traditional disinfection liquid.

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