The stands in the category below are designed to mount Sterimedic Glass Series devices. Our offer includes stable stands made of the highest quality materials and finished with a solid stainless steel base. A wide range allows you to choose a model tailored to your individual needs. The photos of the stands are for illustration purposes only and the prices of the stands do not include devices for contactless hand disinfection.


Hand disinfection stand - essential nowadays

The last several months have shown us how important it is in our lives to take care of the hygiene of our body and, above all, our hands. The hand disinfection stand is the first point we stop at whenever we enter any closed room. The global situation clearly shows how important regular and appropriate disinfection is. A hand sanitizer stand placed in many different places can significantly reduce the risk of any infection in society.

Disinfection stand - where can you find it?

In fact, at the entrance to every public place we can see a disinfection stand. In some places, such as multi-surface shopping malls, disinfection points are located in several places. These are usually locations where mall customers visit most often. There is also a disinfection stand at almost every grocery store entrance. Employers whose subordinates must necessarily work in the office should also provide such a device in their workplace.

Disinfection liquid stand - basic information

The first thing a person passing by such a device notices is, of course, its appearance. The disinfection stand remains neutral thanks to its white color. For this reason, it can be placed anywhere, without disturbing the appearance of the surroundings. The double-sided metal leg also fits into the surroundings and ensures stability, even in various weather conditions, if the disinfection liquid stand is placed in front of the entrance to the room.

Hand disinfection stand - a touchless way to stay safe

Protection against all kinds of germs and infections - that's what our hand disinfection stand provides. Contactless equipment thanks to which we can defend ourselves against diseases much better. This method of disinfection is available in many public places, as well as in company buildings and in some gated communities.

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