Disinfection in schools

Disinfection of schools - still a serious issue

Although the coronavirus pandemic is slowly subsiding, we are still exposed to various bacteria and viruses. Our awareness of personal hygiene and such trivial matters as regular hand washing has definitely increased. It is especially important to pay attention to your health in public places where you meet many people from different backgrounds. This is why disinfection of schools is an extremely important issue that should not be underestimated. It is worth organizing it in such a way that children and teachers can improve their immunity with virtually no effort. Preferably by installing our devices in them.

School disinfection - why is it worth it?

First of all, school disinfection does not have to be a complicated process from the perspective of students and teachers. Just approach the special dispenser - usually located at the entrance door or in the most important points of the facility - and stick out your hand. Our devices operate thanks to a photocell, which allows you to take care of your hands without any contact. Why is school disinfection so important? This is not only about protecting children and teachers from the effects of COVID-19. Studies have shown that over seventy percent of stomach problems come from bacteria on your hands. This shows how important hand hygiene is every day.

Disinfection in schools - completely safe

Many people have some reservations about whether disinfection in schools is safe. We reassure you - there is absolutely nothing risky to your health in it. Thanks to this, we can ensure that they will not in any way harm even the sensitive skin of your hands. Disinfection in schools is completely contactless. As we have already mentioned, each application is done without contact because our devices are equipped with a photocell.

Disinfection at school - low cost

It is said that proper care of employee hygiene allows the employer to reduce costs by up to five times. Disinfection at school can make it much easier to keep teaching staff healthy, making it much easier to conduct lessons and establish a plan. Our devices are prepared in such a way that they can serve you for many years. How would disinfection take place at school? All you need to do is purchase sterilizing devices, which significantly help maintain the immunity of both students and teachers.

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