Disinfection in the hotel

Disinfection in the hotel – devices, accessories and cleaning products

Offering hotel services today is associated with great responsibility. Out of concern for the health and mental comfort of all guests, accommodation facility owners are looking for modern sanitary solutions that are responsible for maintaining cleanliness throughout the entire area. However, disinfection in a hotel should cover a much larger area of activity than washing floors and the like. To meet your expectations, we provide professional disinfection devices, auxiliary accessories and basic antibacterial agents. We believe that thanks to them, each accommodation facility will gain the status of safe and guest-friendly.


A modern SteriMedic device in your hotel

Easy access to professional hand disinfectants should cover the entire building. In such a case, our innovative SteriMedic device is the perfect solution - this convenient and easy-to-use disinfection station can be completed with a stand. Its front part is covered with thick tempered glass with a high-quality print, tailored to the hotel and Wellness & SPA industries. Our devices should be placed not only at the main entrance to the hotel, but also at the exit from the toilets and near the elevators and lobbies. In addition, in our store you will find liquids, gels and liquid soaps matching SteriMedic.


Hotel disinfection – what else…?

The post-pandemic period means that all tourism lovers can finally take advantage of the rest they deserve. However, the reopening of hotels requires compliance with new safety regulations. Hotel disinfection does not end with providing guests with functional stations; it also involves sterilization of common spaces such as restaurants, lobbies or swimming pools. Paying particular attention to the new safety rules, it is worth providing employees responsible for cleanliness with protective masks and gloves. They are also available in our store and can complement any order.

Disinfection in the hotel as a form of business security

The above tools made available to all guests and employees can have a positive impact on their sense of security. However, it is worth being aware that it is not always possible to avoid uncomfortable situations for both parties. Appropriate disinfection of the hotel, having reputable equipment and using certified preparations is an essential form of securing your business - it may have a positive impact on the results of sanitary inspection interventions undertaken in connection with the damage reported by the customer regarding health loss on the premises. In our store you will not only make a purchase, but also rent professional equipment that will protect your business and reputation. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full offer of disinfection products, and if you have any questions, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

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