Sterimedic devices

Sterimedic, these are devices for non-contact hand disinfection, which, combined with a disinfectant liquid, guarantee high effectiveness in destroying bacteria and viruses, in particular the so-called swine flu, COVID-19 and thus prevent infection with microorganisms transmitted on hands. At the same time, they do not oblige you to purchase a disinfectant from a specific company. These are dispensers that do not require supervision, and the disinfectant liquid is dispensed in the form of a mist that evenly covers the hands. This makes its dosing method convenient, economical, fast and accurate. Sterimedic devices have been designed for comfort and simple operation. Each of them can be mounted at any height, adapted to the needs of users. Hand disinfection with our products is fully intuitive, touchless and fast. The devices are operated completely touch-free - one movement is enough to cover both hands with the optimal dose of disinfectant liquid.

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